Plaani Permaculture  Forest Garden

Only just this year we have started our own forest garden, situated 200 mtr from the main guest house, its a place for our guests to take a relaxing walk, forage for berries and fruit, or camp in stunning natural  surroundings. Future developments will include permanent camping wig wams, complete with stove and beds, a permanent well and compost toilets, solar showers will be added at a later date. Imagine, opening your tent door and seeing wild deer grazing on the lush vegetation surrounding you, take a morning stroll to collect berries for your breakfast, its all possible here in the beautiful Haanja nature reserve at Plaani's very own piece paradise.             

 today June 1st 2011 we planted potatoes, beans, peas and some comfrey in the forest garden, hopefully our guests will be eating fresh permaculture veggies later this year, keep a close watch here for more updates.

next we will be cleaning the well we uncovered in the dense foliage, the soil is superb around the forest garden, and water from the well will help keep some of the young shrubs and fruit  bushes from going thirsty, that is  until they are established, by which time we expect mother nature to help out.